Andrew Alexander Pettigrew c. 1900
Andrew Alexander Pettigrew c. 1900
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Letter from Andrew Alexander Pettigrew to Hugh Allan Pettigrew, 28th July 1895

Letter written by Andrew Alexander Pettigrew to his brother Hugh Allan Pettigrew on the 28th July 1895. Written in pen and ink on four folded sheets of paper. The letter was written on board the tramp steamer S.S. Rubens whilst at Rangoon, Burma, and describes aspects of his voyage so far with places visited and acquaintances met. Andrew describes his perceived shortcomings as regards producing a journal of his voyage and his disappointment of places visited so far and that the voyage will will not include certain places. He describes the adventures of a monkey called Moji that he has acquired and intends to bring home. He exhorts his brother Hugh not to show his letter to the rest of the family and also to write to him a letter which he will be able to collect when the ship calls at Port Said.