Repair and Maintenance of a Drascombe Lugger

Why DIY?

Look after your boat and your boat will look after you neatly summarises the philosophy underlining this web site. Sailing is a wonderfully exhilarating and enjoyable hobby. However it must always be remembered that the sea is a very harsh environment exerting a lot of wear and tear on a boat and its rigging. Sailing involves entrusting a boat with your own and perhaps others lives. From this it follows that ensuring that your boat is in seaworthy condition is of vital importance - your life may depend on it!!

All maintenance and repair is done bearing in mind the following ideals

Doing your own maintenance is an excellent way to really get to know your boat with all its strengths and weaknesses and to understand why it sails and handles the way it does. Anyone possessing basic DIY skills and a modest toolkit should be quite capable of carrying out the renovation/repair techniques described here.