John and Ann ALLAN

John and Jean ALLAN

Parents of:


b. 1760 - d. 1832

marriage 12th June 1802


b. (?) - d. (?)


b. 1803 - d. (?)


b. 1806 - d. (?)

Margaret ALLAN

b. 1809 - d. 1813

William ALLAN

b. 1814 - d. (?)

Margaret ALLAN

b. 1818 - d. (?)

Biographical notes

The crucial evidence for establishing the details of the history of this family is in a gravestone inscription in Barr Kirkyard. This reads:

quote : In memory of Jean McCeahie in Barr spouse to John Allan Shoemaker who died 24 Feb 1802 aged 81 years. John Allan died 30th Dec. 1807 aged 74. And Margaret Allan died August 1813 aged 4 years. Also John Allan the erecter of this stone who died 13th Feb 1832 aged 77 years.

Jean McCeahie and spouse John Allan are inferred to be the parents of John Allan (the erecter of the gravestone), who died in 1832, and who is inferred to have been the father of Margaret Allan who died in 1813.

Looking at the Barr Old Parish Registers there is a Margaret Allan who was born on 12.11.1809, father given as John Allan. This fits in with the recorded death of Margaret, as recorded on the gravestone, four years later. Further more the birth register gives the name of her mother; Ann Stewart. Additional entries in the rergisters give the date of marriage of John and Ann in 1802 and lists the births of their five children. No other records relating to Ann Stewart have been traced.

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