unknown and Elizabeth Chalmers UNKNOWN

James Chalmers and Elizabeth PARK & PETTIGREW

Parents of:

unknown UNKNOWN

b. (?) - d. (?)


Elizabeth Chalmers PARK

b. 1829 - d. 1903

Isabella LAUDER

b. (?) - d. (?)

Joseph PARK

b. (?) - d. (?)

Alexander PARK

b. (?) - d. (?)

Biographical notes

This record covers known children of Elizabeth where the fathers are unrecorded. All the births took place after Elizabeth's husband Thomas Lauder was convicted on the 4 April 1856 which effectively means that he could not have been the father.

Isabella Lauder was orn on 13 MAY 1857 in Ayr. Elizabeth named as only parent in register.

This child died in Ayr the same year (1857).

Another illigitimate child Joseph Park was born on the 02 JUL 1858 in Ayr, No father recorded in the Ayr register and the mother's surname used (exact date of birth from LDS website).

On 29th April 1867 Elizabeth gave birth to another illigitimate child (in Content Street) named Alexander Park. This register entry is of particular interest as she is described as Elizabeth Lauder, wife of a convict, MS Elizabeth Park, Sewer.

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