Joseph and Sarah BROOK

Joseph BROOK

b. 1791 - d. 1848

Sarah ??

b. (?) - d. (?)


b. 1821 - d. (?)

Richard BROOK

b. 1822 - d. (?)


Richard and Sophia BROOK


Richard and Mary BROOK
Mary Ann BROOK

b. 1825 - d. 1897


George and Mary Ann CARDELL


Robert John and Mary Ann SOUTHWELL
William BROOK

b. 1827 - d. (?)


William and Charlotte BROOK
Martha BROOK

b. 1831 - d. (?)

Caroline Ann BROOK

b. 1835 - d. (?)


Edward Lewis and Caroline HOLMES

Biographical notes

Joseph Brook was an undertaker. Family listed in 1841 Census living at Bydes Place, St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex; Joseph Brooks, 50, Undertaker, n [not born in same county as Census]; Sarah Brooks, 40, n [not born in same county as Census]; John Brooks, 20, n [not born in same county as Census]; Mary Brooks, 15, n [not born in same county as Census]; William Brooks, 13, y; Martha Brooks, 10, y; Caroline Brooks, 5, y.

Listed in the 1848 Post Office Directory; Brook, Joseph, undertaker, Byde's Place Shoreditch

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