William and Mary Charlotte CROWE

William and Frances Carol CROWE

Parents of:

William CROWE

b. 1869 - d. 1930

marriage 1894

Mary Charlotte BANT

b. 1874 - d. 1934

William Harold CROWE

b. 1896 - d. 1953


William Harold and Hilda Marjorie CROWE
John Kenneth CROWE

b. 1902 - d. (?)


John Kenneth and Margaret B. CROWE
Edward Terence CROWE

b. 1905 - d. 1976


Edward Terence and Edythe Roma CROWE
Francis Donald CROWE

b. 1909 - d. (?)


Francis Donald and Nellie CROWE

Biographical notes

William Crowe was born in 1869 at Lakefield, Ontario, but by 1894 had moved to Cardiff where he married Mary Charlotte Bant. During the 1914-18 war he worked with Ministry of Munitions and was awarded the M.B.E. Their first child, William Harold Crowe, was born in Cardiff, but the births of all three subsequent sons were registered in Stroud, Gloucestershire. All biographical information from Alison Wailes (2008).

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