Margaret BOYD (Allan)

Born:- 1750, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland Died:- ?

Child of:

Marriage: David and Margaret ALLAN

Biographical notes

Information on Margaret Boyd comes from the entry for her marriage in the Stranraer Parish Register. There are no obvious antecedents.

The family reminiscence of Wallace Allan (1848-1931), made in 1930 has the following quote:

quote : Margt Boyd, farmer's daughter [born] near Irvine... Margt Boyd (Gt. Grandmother), went back to service of the Dunlops when husband died, taking two younger children with her [Frances and Robert] & ended her days as gatehouse keeper at Mountgreenan [near Kilwinning]. A sister of Margt Boyds was grandmother of the Jamiesons blanket manufacturers and uncles of David Hyslops. Another sister was the Gt. Grandmother of Joseph Gray, now 84 living (1930) in Bellvue Road.

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