George BULL

Born:- 1814, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire Died:- 1887

Child of: Charles and Elizabeth BULL

Marriage: George and Esther BULL

Biographical notes

The Christening of George Bull took place on the 18 SEP 1814, Worcester, parents Charles Bull and Elizabeth. The date of the christening is listed in an un-named source on the LDS website but was probably at a church in Worcester.

The next record is George's marriage to Esther Corns at Edgbaston in 1837. Thereafter the history of the family can be traced by reference to the Census records from 1841 to 1871 when George is listed with his wife in London (see history under the family record).

Date of death not known with certainty, Last known address in 1871 Census was Clonderley Road, Islington. No entry has been found for George in the 1881 Census but there are no entries giving the correct age at death in the London area between his last entry in the 1871 Census and 1881. However, there are two possible matches in the BMD registers for 1887, both in the first quarter January to March.

One of these is in Shoreditch. The identification data on this is ambiguous and records the death of a George Bull aged 72 on the 9 February 1887 following from him being knocked down on City Road on the 31 January 1887. The occupation given is Leather Case Maker which does not tally with that of Sadler/Harness maker which is recorded as George's occupation on all the Census returns up to 1871 and on his daughter Hannah's marriage certificate. However this, is the occupation of George's son Charles and it is feasible that George developed this occupation from the leather work involved in being a Harness Maker. George's residence is given as 1 Hill Street Finsbury, and the informant of the death as the Coroner for Middlesex.

The other possibility is a death of a George Bull in Camberwell (age given as 74). The certificate for this death has not been examined.

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