Charles BULL

Born:- 1838, Dudley, Worcestershire Died:- 1893, Islington (registered), London

Child of: George and Esther BULL

Marriage: Charles and Louisa BULL

Biographical notes

Up to 1851, Charles was living with his parents in London (See Census references for the family record of George and Esther Bull)

In the last quarter of 1859 Charles married Louisa Berringer

A son, Henry Charles Bull, was born in the last quarter of 1860.

The 1861 Census sees them living at 3 Gt, St Andrews Street, Finsbury, London. Charles sister is living with them, employed as a servant; Charles Bull, Head, M, 23, Leather Case Maker, Worcestershire Dudley; Louisa Bull, Wife, M, 20, Waistcoat Maker, Surrey Lambeth; Henry Charles Bull, Son, 1 month, Middlesex Paddington; Emma Bull, Sister, U, 13, Servant.

It looks as if Henry Charles Bull died before his tenth birthday as he does not appear with the rest of the family in the 1871 Census but it looks as if the death was registered as Henry Bull and there are several entries in the BMD indexes for the central London region under this name.

A daughter, Harriet Bull was born about 1864 although it has not been possible to identify the exact BMD entry as there are several births of the same name at this time.

A son, William Bull was born in about 1867 but again several entries of the same name make identification of the BMD entry impossible.

Likewise with Frederick Bull born in 1870.

The family are listed in the 1871 Census living at 3 Hunts Cottage, Park Grove, Battersea where Louisa's sister Elizabeth Barringer is living with them; Charles Bull, Head, M, 33, Leather case maker, Somerset [correct county was Worcestershire]; Louisa Bull, Wife, M, 30, Middlesex Holborn; Harriet Bull, Dau, 7, Middlesex Oxford Street; William Bull, Son, 4, Middlesex Islington; Frederick Bull, Son, 7months, Surrey Battersea; Elizabeth Barringer, Sister in law, Un, 20, Middlesex Holborn.

Their last child, Charles, was born 1876 and again, there are several possibilities in the BMD indexes which make identification impossible.

In the 1881 Census the family are living at 44 Lever Street, St Luke, London; Charles Bull, Head, M, 43, Leather case maker, Worcester; Louisa Bull, Wife, M, 40, Surrey; Harriet Bull, Dau, 17, Middlesex; William Bull, Son, 16, Leather case maker, Middlesex; Frederick Bull, Son, 10, Scholar, Surrey; Charles Bull, Son, 5, Scholar, Middlesex.

By 1891 the family have moved to Brighton, Sussex, and are living at 10 Hampton Place; Charles Bull, Head, M, 53, Leather case maker, Dudley Worcester; Louisa Bull, Wife, M, 50, London Lambeth; Charles Bull, Son, S, 14, London St Lukes; Esther Bull, Visitor, S, 4, London Hoxton. It has not been established if Esther Bull is a relation.

It looks as if Charles and Louisa moved back to Islington in London and in the last quarter of 1893 Charles died with a recorded age of 55.

Louisa is recorded in the 1901 Census as a widow living on her own at 307 City Road in Islington; Louisa Bull, Head, Wid, 60, Leather case machinist, London Islington.

No attempt has been made to trace the family further than 1901, or trace the subsequent history of the children.

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