Joseph BULL

Born:- 1840, Dudley, Worcestershire Died:- 1891, Kensington, London

Child of: George and Esther BULL

Marriage: Joseph and Ann BULL

Biographical notes

Living with his parents up to and including the Census of 1861.

In 1866 it looks as if Ann Kennings (Joseph's wife to be) gave birth to Anne (or Annie) Bull in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

Married Ann Kennings (spinster) in the second quarter of 1870

Rather obscurely listed in the 1871 Census living at 9 William Street in Pancras, Marylebone, London; J. Bull, Head, M, 33, Sadler Worcester; Ann Bull, Wife, M, 36, Herts Tring; Annie Bull, Dau, 4, Amesbury. Annie Bull was born about 1867 before Joseph and Ann were married. Amesbury (Wilts) is unlikely as the place of birth as later Census returns give Annie's place of birth as Yorkshire (1891), and Yorks Dewsbury (1901) which corresponds to the BMD entry although the certificate has not been examined to verify this.

A son, Edward Bull, was born in about 1872. There is some doubt as to his place of birth as the 1881 Census states Cumberland, as does the 1891 Census, but there are no corresponding entries in the Cumberland districts for the birth at that time. One possibility is that although he was born in Cumberland, Joseph and Ann did not register the birth until they had returned (home?) to London. A possible match is the birth of an Edward Bull in the last quarter of 1871 (registered in Pancras), but the certificate has not been verified.

A daughter, Elizabeth Bull, was born in the second quarter of 1873, registered at Marylebone

In the 1881 Census the family are living at 3 Alfreds Cottages, Westminster; Joseph Bull, Head, M, 41, Harness Maker, Worcester; Ann Bull, Wife, M, 49, Herts Tring; Edward Bull, Son, 9, Scholar, Cumberland, deformed from birth; Elizabeth Bull, Dau, 8, Scholar, Middlesex Regents Park. Annie Bull is not present and has not been traced in the 1881 Census.

In the second quarter of 1889, Edward Bull married Harriet Sarah Osborn, daughter of John R. Osborn (Stableman), and Sophia.

In the third quarter of 1889, it looks as if a son, Edward Joseph Bull, was born to Edward and Harriet.

In the first quarter of 1891 Joseph Edward Bull was born, registered as Joseph Bull, - probably the son of Edward and Harriet - certificate unverified, possibly named after his grandfather and father.

1891 was an extremely eventful year for this family. In the 1891 Census the family are living at 52 Hazlewood Crescent in Kensington, London; Joseph Bull, Head, 51, Harness Maker Sad., Worcester; Ann Bull, Wife, M, 58, Herts Tring; Annie Bull, Dau, S, 24, Laundress wash, Yorkshire; Elizabeth Bull. Dau, S, 18, London Marylebone; Joseph E. Bull, Grandson, 2m, London Chelsea

In the second quarter of 1891Joseph Edward Bull died with a recorded age of 0 - just a few months old.

Joseph Bull died in the same quarter of 1891 with a recorded age of 51.

Then in the last quarter of 1891 Elizabeth Bull married William Perry (born about 1863 to parents Thomas Perry and Lucy Bishop)

Meanwhile Edward and Harriet are also recorded in the 1891 Census, but the handwriting of the enumerator is extremely difficult to decipher. They are living at 38, Absalom Road, Kensington; Edward Bull, Head, M, 19, Laundryman, Cumberland Ma[indecipherable]; Harriet Bull, Wife, M, 21, London Paddington; Edward Bull, Son, 1, London.

In the 1901 Census Anne Bull, widow of Joseph), is living with her daughter Elizabeth and husband William at 30, Cobbold Road, Willesden; William Perry, Head, M, 30, Builders Labourer, Middlesex Harrow; Elizabeth Perry, Wife, M, 29, Monthly Nurse Sick, Middlesex Marylebone; Ernest Perry, Son, 8, Middlesex Marylebone; Elizabeth Perry, Daur, 1m, Middlesex Marylebone; Ann Bull, Mother-in-law, W, 68, Herts Tring.

Annie Bull, daughter of Joseph and Ann, is listed in the 1901 census at Rockhall Cricklewood Temporary Infirmary under Willesden Guardian, Hendon, Middlesex; Annie Bull; patient, S, 34, Laundress, Yorks Dewsbury. This was not very far away from where her mother Ann was living.

It looks as if Annie died in the first quarter of 1905 in the Hendon registration district with a recorded death of 38.

Ann Bull is apparently listed in the 1911 Census aged 78 living at Willesden (entry not verified). No attempt has been made to trace Edward and Harriet Bull further than the 1891 Census.

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