Mary Ann TATE (McConochie)

Born:- 18th October 1835, Longtown, Cumbria Died:- 1930, Manchester, Lancashire

Child of: unknown and Ann TATE

Marriage: Charles and Mary Ann MCCONOCHIE

Biographical notes

Following information from Fiona Bell

quote : Illegitimate. High proportion of births in Longtown, Cumbria were illegitimate. Rumoured to be the daughter of a Colonel (she had a straight back). George Tate, Ann's father, given as father (to two Mary's) in 1841 census. Thomas Alston, Anne's husband, given as father in 1851 census. George Tate described as father in marriage certificate.

Recorded age at death was 94.

According to TWIGG family tree, her identity was Mary Ann Faulder.

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