John Daniel LLOYD

Born:- 1884, Willand, Tiverton, Devon Died:- ?

Child of: William Hellings and Rose LLOYD

Marriage: John Daniel and Dorothea Southwell LLOYD

Biographical notes

Father identified on marriage certificate as William Hellings Lloyd, Cashier (deceased). This matches Census 1901 entry for family in Willand, Tiverton where John (age 17) is living with his parents William H. Lloyd (age 54) and mother Rose Lloyd (age 52). Mother's maiden name was Rose Bailey.

John D. Lloyd death is recorded in Newton, Lancashire (1948 July-September Newton Vol 10f page 14 age 63 ). No other matches in the indexes between 1928 and 1950. Uncertain if this is John Lloyd who married Dorethea S Crowe. No other evidence that they moved to Lancashire. Need more research.

According to Margery Pettigrew (nee Daw), John was blind for at least the latter part of his life. He is not recorded as blind in the 1901 Census.

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