Robert ALLAN

Born:- 1798, Dailly, Ayrshire, Scotland Died:- 4th March 1863, 46, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Child of: David and Margaret ALLAN

Marriage: Robert and Margaret (1825) ALLAN

Occupation(s):- Door Keeper, Exchequer Court, (1863).

Biographical notes

OPR for Robert's birth untraced but 1861 Census confirms his birthplace as Dailly, Ayrshire. According to his death certificate, Married to Margaret Mitchell who outlived him. Informant on death certificate was Jane Allan, daughter.

The 1851 Census and his death certificate record his occupation as Door Keeper Exchequer Court, Edinburgh, born in Ayrshire.

Additional information in a family reminiscence written by Wallace Allan (1848-1931), in 1930

quote : Robert [Allan], became page then butler to Sir Wm. Gibson Craig [2nd Baronet (2 August 1797 ~ 12 March 1878), Scottish Advocate and politician].

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