Jane MARTIN (Pettigrew)

Called:- Janet PettigrewJanet Martin

Born:- 1840, Kilmarnock (?), Ayrshire, Scotland Died:- 4th December 1899, Ayr District Asylum, Ayr, Ayrshire

Child of: James and Ellen MARTIN

Marriage: Robert and Jane PETTIGREW

Biographical notes

Very few records seem to have survived for Jane. Most of the information comes from her marriage certificate (1870), where her age is given as 30 and her parents are named as Ellen Martin (nee Murphy), and James Martin, both deceased. We know that she could not write as the marriage register is signed with a witnessed cross. Very little additional information can be gleaned from her death certificate in the District Lunatic Asylum, Ayr. Her mother's name is given as Ann Murphy but it is more likely that the entry of Ellen Murphy on her marriage certificate is the correct name. On her death certificate her age is given as 53 (indicating a birth year of 1846), but again the date of 1840 indicated on her marriage certificate is probably more accurate. No next of kin are mentioned on the death certificate.

No independent verification of the data on the marriage and death certificates have yet been found. Apart from the birth of her two children in the Statutory Registers, no trace of her birth or a record of her parents have been found in the Old Parish Registers. Nothing has yet been found in the Census records.

Following information kindly sent via e-mail from Meg Greenwood (US Scottish Ancestry Researcher).

Tim - the backordered film for Ayrshire Poor Relief records just arrived ! The film number had been changed by someone at the Library in Salt Lake City and I figured I'd been sent the wrong film....however Robert PETTIGREW was indeed on this film. It was also noted as being 'backordered'. I can only surmise that the films were mis-numbered or had transposed descriptions...something making it such that the correct film had to be found and sent.

I checked the film, there was an Index with his name and the page number to go to in the film but the page numbers on each entry were obscured by very dark shadows - the outside corner of almost every page was blackened. Still I found a way to zero in on his name and got his entry, he's the only PETTIGREW in the film. Evidently he had a wrist injury and asked for partial assistance. His wife was with him, no children were mentioned. His parent's names were given, they were noted as both deceased. A few years of history in and out of poorhouses was mentioned [and St Quivox] so I'm sure its your fellow. The printer would not print from the film reader this evening, so I shot the page with my digital camera. I made a full shot and several partial pages as close-ups.

Made some notes on the information : Lived on Fore Street [Kilmarnock I suppose], date was June 17, 1881, he was 52y, applying to the C.C. Poorhouse [don't know what that is], he was born Boghall, St. Quivox and was Protestant, married, a Coal Trimmer, partially disabled and partially destitute with a wrist injury. He evidently left the C.C. Poorhouse and applied to St Quivox but was adjudged to return to C.C. Poorhouse which he did not do. Notes to this effect Sept 1882 - Jan 12, 1883. Wife's name was Janet, 46y. His parents were William PETTIGREW a Shoemaker and Elezabeth KENNEDY both deceased. Wife's maiden name too dark to read, began with an M it seems.

The reference in Meg's message to the C.C. Poorhouse is almost certainly the Cunninghame Combination Poorhouse which was situated in Irvine (Ayrshire) in Sandy Lane.

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