Joseph SMITH

Born:- 6th August 1812, Closeburn, Dumfries-shire Died:- ?

Child of: William and Jean SMITH

Marriage: Joseph and Margaret SMITH

Biographical notes

Joseph Smith married Margaret Allan in Dumfries in 1836. The family appear in the 1841 Census where we learn that Joseph was born in Dumfries-shire. There are three children; Joseph, Ann and William. The 1861 Census shows two additional children; Wallace and Thomas. This naming of the children may give clues to the identity of Joseph (Senior's) parents. The first child Joseph (Joseph C. on the 1861 Census), may have been named after his father. The second child, Ann, may have been named after Margaret's mother (Ann Allan nee Anderson). The third child is named William which may have been named after Joseph (Senior's) father. This pattern is re-inforced by the name of the fourth child Wallace, the name of Margaret's father. Looking at the Old Parish Register of births for Dumfries-shire, the closest match is a Joseph Smith born to William Smith and Jean Glenoress in the parish of Closeburn on the 6 August 1812

Final record of Joseph Smith is in the 1871 Census where he is recorded aged 59 living with his wife Margaret. In the 1881 Census his wife is listed a s a widow living in the Salford Union Workhouse. Possible entries to follow up for the date of Joseph's death are: 1876 October-December Salford Vol. 8d page 52 (age given as 61, actual age 64); and 1877 April-June Salford Vol. 8d page 65 (age given as 69, actual age 65).

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