Emma Amelia DAW

Born:- 1841, Clifton, Gloucestershire Died:- ?


Marriage: Francis and Emma Amelia NICHOLSON

Marriage: Cornelius and Emma Amelia KELLEY

Biographical notes

A BMD entry records the marriage of John Callicott to Hannah Dawe in 1845. (January-March 1845 Taunton Vol 10 Page 699 entry unverified) Couple appear in 1851 Census living in Taunton, with Emma Daw recorded as aged 10 daughter-in-law (to John Callicott). Birth registered in Bristol District.

She is also listed living with her mother at Bristol in the 1861 Census

Emma married Francis Nicholson (b.1843, Newcastle upon Tyne), at Bristol in 1863

The family are listed in the 1871 Census living in Sarjeant Street, Bedminster (Bristol) recorded as Francis Nicholson,Head, Mar., 28, Iron Moulder, Northumberland, Newcastle; Emma Amelia Nicholson, Wife, Mar., 29, Gloucestershire, Bristol; Wm James Callicott, Brother-in-law, Unm., 20, Labourer, Somersetshire, Taunton.

The family are listed in the 1881 Census. An image of the somewhat mutilated original return records a Hannah Callock, Grandm., Widow, 68 [place of birth torn away on original record]. However she is living at Hillslodge Court, Bedminster (Bristol) with Francis Nicholson, Head, Marr., 38, Iro[n moulder, rest of record torn away], Emma Nicholson, Wife, Marr., 39 [rest of record torn away]; William Nicholson, Son, Unm. 10, Sc[holar, rest of record torn away. The 1871 Census and marriage records show that Emma was the daughter of Hannah Daw who married Francis Nicholson in 1863. Almost certain that Hannah Callock is in fact Hannah Callicott and therefore the mother of Emma Nicolson (nee Daw) and mother-in-law of Francis Nicholson.

In the 1891 Census it looks as if Emma has been widowed. She is living at Swan Lane in the parish of Winterbourne, Barton Regis, Gloucestershirew. Described as; Emma Nicholson H[ead], Wife, 50, Living on own means, born Bristol. Other household members are William Callicott, Visitor 16. This seems most unlikely to be Emma's half brother William James Callicott, as the age is wrong as William James Callicott was born in 1851 and would be 40. Another possibility is that it is her son William Nicholson (born 1871). More information required. Death of Francis Nicholson is recorded in the BMS registers for 1890 (recorded age 48, which agrees with age in 1881 Census)

Emma married again in the last quarter of 1891 (aged 50), Cornelius Kelly (Barton Regis, Bristol). Neither traced in 1901 Census.

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