Ann DOWNIE (Millar)

Born:- 1777, Ballymenoch, Kilmory, Arran, Bute Died:- 21st December 1856, Ballymenoch, Kilmory, Arran, Bute

Child of: Daniel and Flora DOWNIE

Marriage: Alexander and Ann MILLAR

Biographical notes

There is more information available for Anne Downie (from birth, census records and death certificate) than any other member of this family whilst at the same time it illustrates the problems inherent in interpreting these records.

The earliest tentative record is in the old parish records where the christening of Ann Downie took place on the 16 NOV 1777 at Kilmory. A single parent Donald Downie is recorded (which compares with the christening of Chirstian [Christian] Downie on 25 MARCH 1776) to parents of Donald Downie/Flora McCurdy). However, this assumption conflicts with the evidence on Ann Downie's death certificate in 1856 which clearly states that her parents were Daniel Downie and Flora McCurdy (marriage recorded in the Kilmory OPR's on 9 JUNE 1773). There are no entries in the OPR's for children of Daniel Downie and Flora McCurdy and only that of Chirstian for Donald Downie and Flora McCurdy. However, in Scottish genealogical references to individuals, it seems that the names DANIEL and DONALD were frequently used interchangeably for the same individual.

The marriage of Ann Downie to Alexander Millar in 1811 is recorded in the OPR and the birth of five children between 1812 and 1821 is also recorded in the Kilmory Parish registers.

Further evidence is in the Census of 1841 where the family is recorded living at Ballymenoch, Kilmory. Ann is recorded as Ann Miller age 55 born Bute, living with Alex Miller age 50 born Bute, Shoemaker. This would put Ann's birth in 1786, ten years later than her inferred birth in the Kilmory OPR's and 13 years after the recorded marriage of her parents Daniel Downie and Flora McCurdy in 1773. The ages of the two children living with their parents correspond fairly well to those of the christenings in the OPR's; Thos Miller (b. 1815 date derived from 1841 Census; 1816), Alexr Miller (b. 1819 date derived from 1841 Census; 1821).

The family can also be identified in the 1851 Census living at the same place, Ballymenoch, Kilmory. Ann Miller is recorded as Wife, age 70 born, Bute - Ballymenoch, married to Alexr Miller Head aged 60 occupation Labourer born Bute - Ballymenoch. This would put Ann's birth as 1781 which is only 4 years later than the inferred date of her christening OPR record in 1777. The only child living with her parents is Mary Miller recorded as Dau Unmarried age 37 occupation Servant born Bute - Ballymenoch. Mary's inferred date of birth from the 1851 Census is 1814 which corresponds to a date of 1812 in the OPR entries for her christening.

Ann lived long enough for her death to be recorded with an entry in the statutory registers (introduced in Scotland in 1855), which provides important addiditional information about her parents and marriage. She died on the 11 December 1856 at Ballymenoch, with a recorded age of 76 (birth year 1780). The register entry names her as Ann Millar, married, but does not give the name of her husband. Her parents are given as Daniel Downie, Farmer and Flora Downie maiden surname McCurdy. The informant was James Millar, son (This corresponds to the name of their youngest recorded son with a christening date in the OPR's of 1821).

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