Christian DOWNIE (Robertson)

Born:- 1776, Kilmory, Arran, Bute Died:- ?

Child of: Daniel and Flora DOWNIE

Marriage: William and Christian ROBERTSON

Biographical notes

On the Scotlands People website, there is a transcript of the OPR's recording the christening of Chirstian Dounie on the 25.3.1776 to parents DONALD DOWNIE/FLORA MC CURDY. However, on the LDS website there is a record, submitted buy a member of the LDS Church, recording the christening of Christian Downie, on the same date, to Daniel Downie (born about 1748 of Easter Bennan, Kilmory, Bute, Scotland), and Flora McCurdie (born about 1752 of Easter Bennan, Kilmory, Bute, Scotland). Date of marriage 09 JUN 1773.

A downloaded photograph of the register clearly shows the name Dond Downie and Flora McCurdy. Interestingly in Scottish genealogical references to individuals, the names DANIEL and DONALD were frequently used interchangeably for the same individual.

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