Called:- Donald

Born:- 1748, East Bennan, Kilmory, Arran, Bute Died:- ?

Child of:

Marriage: Daniel and Flora DOWNIE

Biographical notes

The available information for Daniel Downie is very sparse and most of what is known comes from a record of his marriage to Flora McCurdy (recorded as Flory McCurdy in the register), and on the death certificate of one of his daughters; Anne Millar (nee Downie) who died in 1856 and on which Daniel Downie (Farmer) and Flora Downie maiden surname McCurdy are named as parents. No other information from the OPR's or Statutory records has been located.

Interestingly in Scottish genealogical references to individuals, the names DANIEL and DONALD were frequently used interchangeably for the same individual.

So it is quite likely that Daniel has been recorded under the alias of Donald Downie in some of the Bute parish registers recording the birth of his children. A record submitted by a member of the LDS and available on their website would seem to support this possibility as regards daughter Christian Downie. This records the christening of Christian Downie, on 25 MAR 1776, of parents Daniel Downie (born about 1748 of Easter Bennan, Kilmory, Bute, Scotland), and Flora McCurdie (born about 1752 of Easter Bennan, Kilmory, Bute, Scotland). However examination of a photograph of the original register entry for Christian (entered as Chirstian) definitely has the name of the father as Don'd Downie.

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