Born:- 12th February 1787, Kilmory, Arran, Bute Died:- ?

Child of: Donald and Catharine ROBERTSON

Marriage: William and Christian ROBERTSON

Biographical notes

Some uncertainty as regards Alexander's parents as there are three possible christening entries in the OPR registers:

08/02/1785 Robertson, William parents John Robertson/Catharine Henry born Kilmory, Shiskine and Lochranza, Bute

10/03/1787 Robertson, William parents John Robertson/Barbara Henry born Kilmory, Shiskine and Lochranza, Bute. There is an entry on the LDS website (Submission search ref: 1642638-0929103041044) that this William Robertson married Margaret McBride on the 15 Jun 1817, and subsequently married Mary Nicol on the 15 Jan 1849 at Kilbride (Arran), and died on 11 Jul 1870 at Millhill, Arran

12/02/1787 Robertson, William parents Donald Robertson/Catharine Mc Killop born Kilmory, Shiskine and Lochranza, Bute

It would appear to be most likely that it was the William Robertson christened in February 1787 who married Christian Downie and their first child, Donald, may have been named after his grandfather.

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