Matilda DAW

Born:- 1st May 1836, Trull, Somerset Died:- 1853, Bedminster (registered), Bristol



Biographical notes

Recorded as illigitimate birth in Trull All Saints Register, on genuki website at (2008) where transcripts of All Saints, Trull, Baptisms 1669-1925 have an entry: Dawe, Matilda, 01 May 1836, bb d Hannah. Only the forename of the mother is given in the register. Approx birth date confirmed in 1841 Census when recorded living with her grandparents at Eastbrook, recorded as: Matilda Daw, 4

A BMD entry records the marriage of John Callicott to Hannah Dawe in 1845 (see separate record). Couple appear in 1851 Census living in Taunton, with Matilda Daw recorded as aged 15 daughter-in-law (to John Callicott).

A death of Matilda Dawe is recorded in the last quarter of 1853 in the Bedminster (Bristol) district. Matilda's mother Hannah is recorded living in Bristol in the 1861 Census with her other children but the death certificate has not been examined to confirm this.

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