Born:- 1816, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire Died:- 1891, Eastbourne, Sussex

Child of: Charles and Elizabeth BULL


Biographical notes

According to an un-sourced batch of records on the LDS website, Emma's christening took place on the 05 JUN 1816, in Worcester, parents recorded as Charles Bull and Elizabeth.

No record has been traced for Emma in the 1841 Census but in the 1851 Census she is recorded living at 11, Monmouth Court, St Martins in the Field, Westminster, London; Emma Bull, Visitor, U, 34, Dress Maker, Birtsmorton Dorsetshire [should be Worcestershire].

She has not been traced in the 1861 Census but in the 1871 Census she has moved to Eastbourne (Sussex) at 1 Bourne Street; Emma Bull, Head, U, 52, Lodging House Keeper, Worcestershire Britsmorton [should be Birtsmorton]. Her two sisters Elizabeth and Jane are living with her with the occupation of Assistants.

The 1881 Census show the three sisters living at the same location with a fourth sister, Hannah Bull, joining them. Emma is described as; Emma Bull, Head, U, 64, Lodging House Keeper, Worcester Birtsmorton.

The 1891 Census is the last in which Emma is recorded. Emma, Hannah, Elizabeth and Jane have been joined by Sophia Bull (described as a Boarder). Emma is described as; Emma Bull, Head, S[ingle], 73, Lodging House Keeper, Birtsmorton Worcestershire.

Emma died in the last quarter of 1891, with a recorded age of 75.

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