Charles BULL

Born:- 1818, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire Died:- 1900, Croydon, Surrey

Child of: Charles and Elizabeth BULL

Marriage: Charles and Ann BULL

Marriage: Charles and Sarah BULL

Biographical notes

The Christening of Charles Bull took place on the 14 JUN 1818, Worcester, parents Charles Bull and Elizabeth. The date of the christening is listed in an un-named source on the LDS website but was probably at a church in Worcester.

Charles is one of two children of Charles and Elizabeth to be traced in the 1841 Census (the other child was George Bull). He is listed living in Freer Street, Walsall; Charles Bull, 25, Collar Maker, Y [the Y erroneously gives his birth county as Staffordshire]. The occupation of 'Collar Maker' and in later Census returns 'Horse Collar Maker' is a constant in all the Census returns for Charles. Living in the same house are Thomas Proffitt, 15, Tailor and his presumed brother John Proffitt, 13, Collar Maker. Thomas Proffitt married Charles' sister Ann Bull in Shoreditch, London in the last quarter of 1848 and it looks as if Thomas's sister Ann, became Charles' Common Law wife.

Between the Census's of 1841 and 1851, Charles like his brother George and sister Ann moved to London. A very indistinct 1851 Census record lists the family living at Hoxton New Town, Shoreditch, possibly Balmer Place; Charles Bull, Head, M, 31 Collar Maker, Worcestershire Birtsmorton; Ann Bull, Wife, 36, Staffordshire Walsall; Jane Bull, Dau, 2, Shoreditch Middlesex. No record of the marriage has been found but the identity of Ann is known from the birth certificate of their daughter Jane in 1849. This gives her identity as Ann Bull formerly Proffitt. We know from the 1851 Census that she was born in about 1815 in Walsall. This strongly suggests that she is related to (sister of?) Thomas Proffitt who married Charles' sister, Ann Bull, in 1848 (Thomas Proffitt was born about 1825 and Ann Proffitt about 1815, both in Walsall).

Jane Bull's birth is recorded in the BMD registers (Shoreditch) and the birth took place on the 25 January 1849 at 15, Peerless Place, Hoxton New Town.

In the 1861 Census, the family are living at 29, Litttle Moorfields, St Giles Cripplegate, London; Charles Bull, Head, M, 41, Collar Maker, Worcestershire Birtsmorton; Ann Bull, Wife, M, 46, Walsall Staffordshire, Jane Bull, Dau, 11, Shoreditch; Hannah Bull, Dau, 4, Cripplegate.

The birth of Hannah is recorded in the in the last quarter of 1856 in the East London BMD registers.

Intriguingly, it seems that both children were christened at St Leonards, Shoreditch, on the 26 APR 1869 the same day, some time after their birth. The birth date of Jane is given as 25 JAN 1850 which does not agree with the BMD data which gives 25 January 1849 as the date of birth. The birth date of given for Hannah is 19 DEC 1856 which does agree with the BMD entry (data from LDS IGI for St Leonards, Shoreditch).

Little has changed in the 1871 Census with the family still living at 29, Little Moorfields in Cripplegate, London;Charles Bull, Head, M, 52 Horse Halter Maker, Worcestershire; Ann Bull, Wife, M, 56, Walsall Staffordshire; Jane Bull, Dau, U, 21, London Middlesex; Hannah Bull, Dau, U, 14, Cripplegate London.

Jane is absent from the rest of the family in the 1881 Census and it looks as if she married Joseph Hudson in the second quarter of 1876

The couple are listed in the 1881 Census living at 1 Princes Square, Shoreditch; Joseph Hudson, Head, M, 34, Veterinary Surgeon employing 5 men, Surrey Hammersmith; Jane Hudson, Wife, M, 31, Middlesex Shoreditch; Joseph Hudson, Son, U, 4, Middlesex Shoreditch. It is possible that the couple met through Jane's father's occupation of Horse Collar Maker.

The rest of the family have moved from number 29 Little Moorfields to 23 Moorfields, still in the district of Cripplegate, London; Charles Bull, Head, Mar, 62, Horse Collar Maker, Worcestershire Birtsmorton; Ann Bull, Wife, Mar, 69, Staffordshire Wallsall; Hannah Bull, Dau, Unmar, 25, Cripplegate Without City.

Ann Bull died in the third quarter of 1886 aged 75.

Joseph Hudson, the husband of Charles' daughter Jane died in the first quarter of 1887 at a recorded age of 45.

Charles' second daughter, Hannah Bull Married Alexander James Laing in the second quarter of 1889

In the third quarter of 1889, Jane Hudson (nee Bull), married a second time; Henry Parsons, a baker.

In the 1891 Census, Jane and Henry are living at 13 Oldfield Road, Stoke Newington; Henry Parsons, Head, M, 28, Baker, Bedford Odell; Jane Parsons, Wife, M, 38, London; Charles Parsons, Son, 1, London. Jane's son Joseph, by her first husband Joseph Hudson is with his grandparents (see below).

In first quarter of 1890 Charles Bull married a second time; Sarah Tribe

In the 1891 Census Charles is still living at 23 Moorfields with his new wife Sarah; Charles Bull, Head, M, 71, Horse Collar Maker, Worcester Birchmorton; Sarah Bull, Wife, M, 52, London St Luke; Joseph Hudson, Grandson, 14 London Finsbury.

Charles Bull died at Croydon in the first quarter of 1900 with a recorded age of 81.

In the 1901 Census his widow Sarah Bull is recorded living at 1 Chatfield Road Croydon; Sarah Bull, Head, Widow, 62, Lodging House Keeper, St Lukes London. Charles' grandson Joseph Hudson is still living with her; Joseph Hudson, Boarder, S, Job Master Stable, Finsbury London. Date of death of Sarah Bull has not been traced.

Joseph Hudson Married Ethel Agnes Mead at Croydon in the first quarter of 1902.

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