James BULL

Born:- 1821, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire Died:- 1885, Worcester, Worcestershire

Child of: Charles and Elizabeth BULL

Marriage: James and Harriett BULL

Marriage: James and Frances Jane BULL

Biographical notes

According to an un-sourced batch of records on the LDS website, James' christening took place on the 29 JUL 1821, in Worcester, parents recorded as Charles Bull and Elizabeth.

No record of James has so far been found in the 1841 Census. The first record is that of his marriage to Harriet Clarke in the last quarter of 1846, registered at Upton on Severn, Worcestershire. There is also a reference to this marriage on the LDS web site for Kempsey, Worcestershire, which indicates that the marriage took place at the parish church there on 10 DEC 1846. This agrees with the 1861 Census which gives Kempsey as Harriet's place of birth.

Also an LDS reference to this marriage.

In the 1851 Census, James and Harriet are living at 43 The Shambles, St Swithins, Worcester; James Bull, Head, M, 29, Baker, Worcestershire; Harriett Bull, Wife, M, 39, Worcestershire. The other occupant is of particular interest and is listed as; Sarah Clarke, formerly Bull, Mother, 71, Farmers Widow, Worcestershire. It seems much more likely that Sarah is Harriet's mother as they share the same surname. Other evidence shows that Charles' mother's name was Elizabeth, not Sarah.

It looks as if Sarah Clarke is listed in the 1841 Census living at Clerkenleap, Kempsey, Worcestershire; Sarah Clarke, 60, Independent, Y [born in Worcestershire]. She does not appear in the 1861 Census.

The 1861 Census records James and Harriet still living in Worcester at No. 9 The Shambles; James Bull, Head, M, 39, Baker and Butcher, Worcestershire Birchmorton; Harriet Bull, Wife, M, 49, Worcestershire Kempsey.

In the 1871 Census James and Harriet have been joined by James' spinster sister Sophia. They are still living in The Shambles, Worcester; James Bull, Head, M, 49, Pork Butcher, Worcestershire Birtsmorton; Harriett Bull, Wife, M, 58, Worcestershire Kempsey; Sophia Bull, Asst, Unmar, 41, Assistant to Pork Butcher, Worcestershire Birtsmorton.

Harriet Bull died in the first quarter of 1875 with a recorded age of 63.

James married Frances Jane Broomfield in the last quarter of 1878. A reference on the LDS website records that the wedding took place at the church of Saint Clement, Worcester, on the 29 October 1878

Also an LDS reference to this marriage.

The couple are recorded in the 1881 Census living at Happy Land; James Bull, Head, M, 59, Farmer, 14 acres, Birchmorton Worcs; Frances Bull, Wife, M, 26, Worcester; Elizabeth Broomfield, Wifes Sister, Unmarried, 19, Assistant, Worcester.

James Bull died in Worcester in the first quarter of 1885 almost exactly ten years after the death of his first wife Harriet and at the same age of 63.

James widow, Frances, is recorded in the 1891 Census living at Kew Cottage, Knight Street, St Johns, Worcester; Frances J. Bull, Head, Widow, 36, living on her own means, Worcester Worcestershire.

In the 1901 Census she is living in the same part of Worcester with her two nieces; Frances J. Bull, Head, Widow, 41, living on own means, Worcester Worcestershire.

A quick search of the 1911 Census records show a Frances Jane Bull, born 1855, Worcester and living in Worcester.

The death of a Frances J. Bull in the Droitwich district of Worcestershire in the first quarter of 1929 has a recorded age of death of 74. The certificate has not been examined but the recorded age of 74 matches exactly that of James Bull's second wife.

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