Elizabeth BULL

Born:- 1823, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire Died:- 1902, Eastbourne, Sussex

Child of: Charles and Elizabeth BULL


Biographical notes

According to an un-sourced batch of records on the LDS website, Elizabeth's christening took place on the SEP 1823, in Worcester, parents recorded as Charles Bull and Elizabeth Bull.

No record has yet been traced of Elizabeth in the 1841 Census, but in the 1851 Census she is recorded as living in the same house as her married sister Ann Proffit (nee Ann Bull), at 28 Upper Clissand Street, Shoreditch, London; Thomas Proffitt, Head, M, 26, Horse Collar Maker, Staffordshire Walsall; Ann Proffitt, Wife, M, 24, Worcestershire Burchmorton; John Proffitt, Brother, U, 21, Horse Collar Maker, Walsall; Elizabeth Bull, Sister [in law], U, 25, Kitlar[?], Burchmorton. The occupation is crossed through but it looks like Kitlar - the meaning of which has not been found.

It has not been possible to trace Elizabeth with certainty in the 1861 Census but in the 1871 Census she is living with her two sisters Emma and Jane Bull at 1 Bourne Street, Eastbourne (Sussex); Elizabeth Bull, Sister, U, 47, Assistant [to Emma who is a Lodging House Keeper], Worcestershire Britsmorton [Birtsmorton].

In the 1881 Census there is little change except that an additional sister, Hannah Bull, has joined the three other sisters at 1 Bourne Street; Elizabeth Bull, Sister, U, 57, Worcester Birtsmorton.

The Bulls were joined by their fifth sister, Sophia, in 1891, still at 1 Bourne Street in Eastbourne; Elizabeth Bull, Sister, U, 67, Domestic Assistant, Birtsmorton

In the 1901 Census the sisters are still at 1 Bourne Street but were depleted by the death of Emma Bull in 1891. The remaining sisters had been joined by their niece Lilian Maud Daw (Daughter of Hannah Bull and George William Frederick Daw). The entry for Elizabeth is; Elizth Bull, Sister, S, 77, Own Means, Worcestershire Birtsmorton.

Elizabeth died in the last quarter of 1902 with a recorded age of 79.

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