Born:- 1829, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire Died:- 1920, Eastbourne, Sussex

Child of: Charles and Elizabeth BULL


Biographical notes

The first reference to Jane is that of her christening on the 22 JAN 1832 at Saint Thomas, Birmingham, Warwick, England. Parents recorded as Charles Bull and Elizabeth.

Jane has not been traced in the 1841 or 1851 Census records

Her possible location in the 1861 Census is in the extensive household of Dr Thomas Peregrine and his wife Charlotte at numbers 3 and 4 Half Moon Street, St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, London. Jane is possibly recorded at number 4; Jane Bull, Sister, Un, 28, Dressmaker, Warwick Birmingham. It seems very unlikely that someone with the surname Bull could be the sister of the head of the household with the surname Peregrine, also the members of the household in number 4 include a servant and lodger whilst all the close members of the family (Head, wife, sons, daughters) are in number 3. It would seem that like her brothers George and Charles and sisters Ann and Emma, Jane moved from the Midlands down to London.

The 1871 Census sees Jane joining her sisters Emma and Elizabeth, running a Lodging House at 1 Bourne Street, Eastbourne (Sussex); Jane Bull, Sister, U, 40, Assistant [Lodging House Keeper], Birmingham Edgbaston.

In the 1881 Census there is little change except that an additional sister, Hannah Bull, has joined the three other sisters at 1 Bourne Street; Jane Bull, Sister, U, 49, Birmingham.

The Bulls were joined by their fifth sister, Sophia, in 1891, still at 1 Bourne Street in Eastbourne; Jane Bull, Sister, U, 59, Lodging House Keeper Assistant, Edgbaston Birmingham.

In the 1901 Census the sisters are still at 1 Bourne Street but were depleted by the death of Emma Bull in 1891. The remaining sisters had been joined by their niece Lilian Maud Daw (Daughter of Hannah Bull and George William Frederick Daw). The entry for Jane is; Jane Bull, Head, S, 69, Own Means, Birmingham. From this it looks as if they had ceased to run the building as a lodging house.

Jane outlived all her other sisters. She is recorded at Eastbourne in the 1911 Census living at 30 Gore Park Road with her niece Lilian Daw; Jane Bull, Head, S, 79, Retired Dressmaker, Birmingham Warwick; Lilian Maud Daw, Neice, S, 34, Cardiff Glam.

Jane died in Eastbourne in the third quarter of 1920 at the recorded age of 88. Possibly at Vicarage Road according to Margery Pettigrew

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