Born:- 1823, Thundridge, Hertfordshire Died:- 1906

Child of: William and Sarah TILLCOCK

Marriage: Samson and Eliza TILLCOCK

Biographical notes

Listed in the 1841 Census

Samson Tilcock is listed in the 1882 Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire, Wade's Mill, High Cross; Tilcock, Samson Baker (page 672-3). The name of his father is recorded as William Tillcock, Carpenter on Samson's marrige certificate between him and Eliza Aldridge. William and his wife Sarah are recorded in the 1851 and 1861 Census living at Wades Mill, Thundridge. The Census returns for Samson consistently show a birthplace of Thundridge, Hertfordshire. No parish records for his birth have apparently survived apart from a possible record for a sibling in the Thundridge register; Maria Tillcock, christened 05 MAY 1811 Thundridge, Hertford, parents William Tillcock and Sarah (LDS C072981).

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