Born:- 1812, Benington, Hertfordshire Died:- 1879

Child of: Benjamin and Mary ALDRIDGE

Marriage: Samson and Eliza TILLCOCK

Biographical notes

The 1851, 1861 and 1871 Census returns suggest a consistent date of birth of about 1818 at Benington. The 1881 Census shows that her husband, Samson, was a widower. The apparent (unchecked) entry for Eliza's death is in the last quarter of 1879 which gives an age of 67 suggesting a birth year of 1812. 1812 is consistent with a Benington parish record on the LDS website which gives the parents as Benjamin Aldridge and Mary. The father of Eliza on her marriage certificate is given as Benjamin Aldridge, Labourer. Witnesses are John Aldridge and Emma Aldridge who may have been siblings of Eliza. The overall evidence would therefore suggest a birth of 1812 even though this means that Eliza was 11 years older than Samson when they married.

The LDS lists possible siblings of Eliza as Mary Aldridge, christened 22 NOV 1807 Benington, Hertford (C072161) and Elizabeth Aldridge, christened 18 FEB 1810 Benington, Hertford (C072161). Another reference to the christening of Mary Aldridge gives the full name of the mother as Mary Prutton. The John and Emma Aldridge on the marriage certificate of Eliza and Samson are not listed.

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