Born:- 21st May 1797, Newton on Ayr, Ayr, Ayrshire Died:- ?

Child of: John and Elizabeth PETTIGREW

Marriage: Alexander and Mary PETTIGREW

Occupation(s):- Hand Loom Weaver, (1841). Farmer, (1851).

Biographical notes

Alexander Pettigrew, is recorded as the son of Elizabeth and John Pettigrew in the Newton on Ayr Parish Register for 1797. He appears in the 1841 Census aged 50 (actual age 45), as a Hand Loom Weaver living in Wallacetown with his wife Mary (Richmond) aged 60 (actual age 53) and son Alexander aged 15 (actual age 18), a Hand Loom Weaver. A John Pettigrew aged 20, a Hand Loom Weaver is probably another son born just after the marriage in 1821, but there is no confirmation of this in the available parish records. The 1851 Census records Alexander (Senior) as a farmer aged 54 (actual age 55), and his wife Mary as aged 75 (actual age 63). Alexander (Junior) is still a Cotton Weaver aged 25 (actual age 28). John Pettigrew is absent but a Hand Loom Weaver called John Petticrew, aged 30, appears as a lodger with a family in nearby Elba Street.

Died before his wife who died on 15 November 1855.

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