Born:- 1815 Died:- 1851, Hertford (registered), Hertfordshire

Child of:

Marriage: Thomas and Hannah TILLCOCK

Marriage: James and Hannah PRATT

Biographical notes

Hannah Thorby married James Pratt on 10 AUG 1839 (LDS M072181 and BMD registers), registered at Hertford.

The family appears in the 1841 Census living at Bramfield Herts with inferred husband James and inferred child Elizabeth Pratt. Details; James Pratt (27), Labourer, y [born in Census county of Herts]; Hannah Pratt (27), n [not born in Census County of Herts; Elizabeth Pratt (1), y [born in Census county of Herts].

Two deaths of James Pratt are registered in Hertford in 1845 and 1846. The second death is in the same quarter as a birth of James Pratt in Hertford which might indicate that a child of James and hannah, born after his death, died soon afterwards (infant mortality).

More information may be added after examining her marriage registrer entry to Thomas Tillcock in 1847. This may give parents and confirm Census 1851 entry giving her place of birth as Malta. Death would have been after the 1851 Census took place on 30 March. Death registered in July-September quarter of 1851.

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