Born:- 1802, Riccarton, Ayrshire Died:- 3rd September 1871, Dreghorn (Corsehill), Ayrshire

Child of: John and Ann KENNEDY


Biographical notes

No OPR christening record yet traced. First recorded in 1841 Census living with the family of her sister; Margaret (nee Kennedy) and Andrew McCrindle at Crawfordston Colliery, Tarbolton; Andrew McCrindle M 30 Coal Miner Ayrshire, Margaret McCrindle F 30 Ayrshire, James McCrindle M 10 Coal Miner Ayrshire, Anne McCrindle F 8 Ayrshire, John McCrindle M 4 Ayrshire, Janet McCrindle F 1 Ayrshire, Janet Kennedy F 35 Embroidery Sewer Ayrshire.

Living with the same family in the 1851 Census at Burnbrae, Tarbolton; Andrew McCrindle Head M M 43 Engine Keeper Ayrshire - Dailly [Originally: Ayrshire - Daily], Margaret McCrindle Wife M F 46 Ayrshire - Tarbolton, James Son U M 20 Coalminer Ayrshire - Tarbolton, Ann McCrindle Dau U F 21 Hand Sewer Ayrshire - Tarbolton, John McCrindle Son M 13 Ayrshire - Coylton, Jane Kinnedy Lodger U F 49 Hand Sewer Ayrshire - Riccarton, Thomas Balfour Lodger M 4 Ayrshire - Tarbolton. Note that Thomas Balfour was christened Thomas McCrindle Balfour on 05/06/1846 (OPR Tarbolton 619/ 0030 0218 FR615) and was the last child of Isabell Balfour (nee Kennedy), Margaret McCrindle's sister.

The 1861 and 1871 Census records for Janet Kennedy have not been checked. She died at Corsehill Road Dreghorn on the 3 September 1871. Her death certificate shows that Janet never married. Her recorded age at death was 71. However, in the absence of a christening record, the 1851 Census record is probably a more accurate indication of her age and suggests a birth date of about 1802. Informant of death was nephew John McCrindle.

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