Born:- 10th March 1799, St. Quivox, Ayr, Ayrshire Died:- 4th October 1838, Ayr, Ayrshire

Child of: John and Elizabeth PETTIGREW

Marriage: John and Agnes Finlayson PETTIGREW

Biographical notes

The information for John Pettigrew is inconclusive. Apart from the entry for his birth in the St Quivox Parish Register, no definite later records for him have been found. Unlike all the other 7 of his siblings (for which records have been traced), there is no record of John living in the vicinity of Content Street, Wallacetown, and all subsequent records that have been found so far relate to a John Pettigrew with the occupation of Sexton living in Ayr. No records have been found linking this John Pettigrew with the family members across the River Ayr in nearby Wallacetown. The death of this John is recorded in the Ayr OPR; John Pettigrew Died 4 Oct 1838; age 57, Sexton, Typhus Fever. The age of death indicates a birth of 1781 but this means that he would have married Agnes Finlayson Shaw in 1822 at the age of 41 whilst she would have been aged just 20.

The OPR birth records list three other possible males with the name of John Pettigrew but none of the birth years match with the death age and date given (57, 1838) for Sexton John Pettigrew. The earliest is John Pettigrew born 4th March 1777 to parents George Pettigrew and Janet Sloane (OPR 606/ 0010 0256 FR160), Monkton and Prestwick. This John would have been 45 when married to Agnes Shaw (20) and about 61 in 1838, which is the closest match with the death age of 57. The next is John Petticrue christened 12th September 1795 to parents William Petticrue and Margaret Dunlop (OPR 583/ 0010 0165 FR177), Coylton. This John would have been a more likely 27 when married to Agnes Shaw (20) but only 43 in 1838. The other contender is John Pettigrew christened 12 November 1804 to parents Matthew Pettigrew and Elisabeth McMillan (OPR 612/001 0010 0151 FR171), St Quivox. This John would have been 18 when married to Agnes Shaw (20) but only 34 in 1838. These compare with John Pettigrew born on the 10th March 1799 to John Pettigrew and Elizabeth Downie at St Quivox. He would have been 23 when married to Agnes Shaw (20) but only 43 at death in 1838. The first child of the marriage of John Pettigrew and Agnes Shaw was named Elizabeth. This could have been after her paternal grandmother Elizabeth Downie (but could also be linked to Elizabeth McMillan).

More evidence is needed to define the links outlined above. What follows is a summary of the evidence for Sexton John Pettigrew and his wife Agnes Finlayson Shaw.

A John Petticrew is recorded as marrying Agness Shaw on 23 June 1822 (23/06/1822, Maybole, Ayrshire, 605/ 0050 0012 FR999). The Parish of Maybole is next to that of Ayr. Children with these parent names are listed in the OPR's as follow. Elizabeth Petticrew (29/06/1823, Newton on Ayr, 612/002 0020 0036 FR425V2-2), William Petticrew (22/10/1826, Ayr, 578/ 0100 0123 FR2734), John Pettigrew (16/06/1830, Ayr, 578/ 0100 0182 FR2765), John Pettigrew (15/01/1832, Ayr, 578/ 0100 0207 FR2777), James Petticrew (18/05/1834, Ayr, 578/ 0100 0244 FR2796), Agnes Petticrew (03/07/1836, Ayr, 578/ 0100 0276 FR2812)

The family history of Agnes Shaw is fairly definite. The marriage of her parents is recorded in an OPR entry at Stevenston, Ayr; John Shaw and Jane Shedden married on 18 NOV 1793, children born in Stevenston Katherine (1794), Mary (1796), John (1798), Hugh (1800).

OPR record of the birth of Agnes Finlayson Shaw, 18 JUL 1802, New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland, parents Jean Shedden and John Shaw. Jean is a common transcription error of Jane. No other children with those parent names recorded in that Parish 1795-1805. John Shaw was a coal miner (recorded on his wife's death certificate, and it looks as if work took him and his family away from the collieries at Stevenston to those at New Monkland, Lanark, where his last child Agnes was born.

Crucial evidence comes from the death certificate of Agnes Pettigrew (13, Kirk Port, Ayr), 14/08/1881, age 79, widow of John Pettigrew Sexton, father John Shaw (Coalminer, Deceased), Mother ____ Shaw, M.S. Shedden, Informant John Pettigrew, Son 1881 (SR death 578/00 0349). This identifies her father, his occupation and the maiden surname of her mother.

More information about Agnes is contained in the death certificate of her son John Pettigrew (Cross Street, Ayr), 19/02/1896, age 63, single, Masons Journeyman, Father John Pettigrew, (Sexton, Deceased), Mother Agnes Pettigrew, M.S. Shaw (Deceased) (SR Death 1896 578/01 0086). This is the same John who was the informant for his mother's death. His occupation and age correlate with the earlier Census returns and his birth date in the OPR's.

More information about the family of John Pettigrew and Agnes Shaw is contained in various OPR and Census returns summarised below.

John PETTIGREW, Died 17-May-1830; Buried 18-May-1830; Age 1w, Son of John Pettigrew, lab'r. Additional information :- Cause of death given - Obstruction bowels; Nerves (OPR: 578/00 0043). This correlates with the birth of first child named John Pettigrew in June 1830 (See above).

William PETTIGREW, Died 25-Jan-1835; Buried 28-Jan-1835; Age 8, Son of John Pettigrew. Additional information :- Cause of death given - Water in the head; Other details - father a grave digger. (OPR 578/13 Ayr) This compares very well with the birth of William Pettigrew (1826, see above) and the fact that William is absent from the family in the 1841 Census. The occupation of Grave digger can be correlated with the term Sexton which is recorded on Agnes Pettigrew's death certificate as the occupation of her husband.

PETTICREW, Died 12-Sep-1839; Buried 14-Sep-1839; Age 11m, Daughter of the late John Petticrue, sexton. Additional information :- Cause of death given - Small pox OPR, Burials, Ayr, (578/00 0088) lists the death of his un-named daughter aged 11 months suggesting a birth in November 1838, two years after the last recorded birth and after the death of her father.

The family are represented in the 1841 Census living at High Street, Ayr. John Pettigrew had died in 1838, but the other names correlate with the names and birth dates in the OPR's. Agness Pettigrew (36, Ayrshire), Elisabeth Pettigrew (17, Ayrshire), John Pettigrew (9, Ayrshire), James Pettigrew (7, Ayrshire) and Agness Pettigrew (4, Ayrshire).

In the 1851 Census the same family is living at 166 High Street Ayr. Agnes Pettigrew (Head, Widow, 47, Washerwoman, b. Ayr), John Pettigrew (son, 19, Mason's Apprentice, b. Ayr), James Pettigrew (Son, 16, Tailor's Apprentice, b. Ayr), Agnes Pettigrew (Daughter, 14, Scholar, b. Ayr). Elizabeth has disappeared and no further records for her have been traced.

James Pettigrew married Agnes Campbell on the 29th October 1858 in Dalmellington, Ayr. They are listed in the 1861 Census; James Pettigrew (27), Head, b. Ayr, mason, Agnes Pettigrew (32), wife, b. Carpshain, Kirkcudbright, John Pettigrew (1) son b. Kilmarnock, residence of family 26 Witch Road, Kilmarnock. The parents of Agnes were William Campbell and Elizabeth Barbour.

Going back to Agnes Pettigrew (nee Shaw), the depleted family are listed in the 1861 census living at 148 High Street, Ayr; Agnes Pettigrew, Head, 56, Washerwoman, born Dalry, Ayrshire, Agnes Pettigrew, Daughter, 24, born Ayr, Washerwoman.

A Census entry for 1871 has not been located. The last entry is in the Census of 1881, taken in April - 4 months before her death. The address is 9 Kirkport High Street, Agnes Pettigrew, Head, 80, Washerwoman, born Dalry, Ayrshire. She is still living with her daughter listed as Agnes Pettigrew, 38, Daughter, washerwoman, born Ayr. No further record of daughter Agnes has yet been traced.

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