Born:- 9th November 1828, St. Quivox, Ayr, Ayrshire Died:- 20th September 1884, Ayr, Ayrshire

Child of: William and Elizabeth PETTIGREW

Marriage: John and Janet PETTIGREW

Occupation(s):- Shoemaker, (1841), Content StreetWallacetown, St. Quivox, Ayr, Ayrshire.

Biographical notes

John's birth to William and Elizabeth is chronicled in the St Quivox Parish Register in 1828, and he also appears in the 1841 Census, living with the rest of the family in Content Street, aged 12 and a shoemaker. In the 1851 Census he is not living with the rest of the family and is lodging nearby in Elba Street. His age is given as 30 and occupation as Shoemaker In the 1861Census return he is listed as living with his parents, aged 38, occupation Shoemaker. In the 1871 Census he is apparently listed as John Pettigren, age 42, Shoemaker, living in Cross Street with one other person, Elizabeth Nathaniel (64). Elizabeth is erroneously recorded as his mother but it seems much more likely that John was a lodger.

In the 1881 Census return he is recorded as living at 2 Halls Vennal, Newton on Ayr aged 41, Shoemaker, and living with his wife Janet Pettigrew (41), an Out Door Worker.

John appears as the informant on the death certificates of his father William in 1864, Alexander in 1864, his sister Catherine in 1866, and his mother Elizabeth in 1876

A search of the Statutory Death Registers reveals his death certificate which contains some very intriguing information. He died at 268 High Street, Ayr, on the 20th September 1884 with a recorded age of 54 (actual age 56). His recorded profession is that of Shoemaker Journeyman and his recorded parents are William Pettigrew and Elizabeth Pettigrew (maiden name Kennedy).

The death certificate also confirms his marriage to Janet Garven and that his death was notified by his (John's) stepson Thomas Garven. Thomas must have been illiterate as he has a mark not a signature on the certificate. From this we can infer that Garven was Janet's previous married name and that Thomas was a son of this previous marriage.

More information is found in the death certificate of Thomas Garven. He died at 268 High Street, Ayr on the 18th January 1890, aged 26. He was a Farm Servant and the illigitimate son of David Garven (reputed father, deceased), and Janet Pettigrew, previously Garven and with the maiden name Macken. Janet has signed the death certificate with a cross from which we can infer that she, like her son, was also illiterate. From this information we can also infer that Janet and John came together sometime after 1871).

No details of the marriage of John and Janet can be found which may suggest that Janet was John's common law wife. No death certificate for Janet has been found and it is possible that she may have had a new partner after John's death which would make tracing the certificate difficult.

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