Born:- 1845, Stapleford, Hertfordshire Died:- 1936, Cardiff, Glamorgan

Child of: Samson and Eliza TILLCOCK

Marriage: Henry and Ellen TILLCOCK

Occupation(s):- Sanitary Engineer, (1901). plumber and gas fitter, (1881).

Biographical notes

Occupation was plumber or, on some census returns, sanitary engineer. Apparently Henry had rather a severe reputation and his daughter Jessie Hill was discouraged from associating with any possible boy friends. When the relationship between Jessie and Harold Daw became serious, Harold asked Jessie to intrduce him to her father and this she did in fear and trepidation. However, Harold's forthright approach won the approval of Henry and the meeting passed off amicably and paved the way for the marriage of Harold to Jessie.

Robert Daw, his grandson, remembers him visiting his daughter and son-in-law at their home at Twyn-Pwmro at St Fagan's. Henry took his grandson to watch the trains at St Fagan's station. On their return to the house Henry would ask Robert to tell his parents in great detail what he had seen on the locomotives 'What was oin the engine Robert?' 'connecting rod' was the reply. 'And what was that connected to?' 'The Cross-Head' was the reply and so on. Margery Daw, Henry's granddaughter recalls that in his latter years he lived with his two daughters and son in law at Twyn- Pwmro, until his death in 1936.

Given age at death (on register) 89, but this conflicts with registered birth date of 1845 which would suggest his age at death was 91.

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