James Chalmers PARK

Born:- 1788, Dailly, Ayrshire Died:- ?

Child of: Hugh Gavin and Elizabeth PARK

Marriage: James Chalmers and Elizabeth PARK

Biographical notes

The only record of James Chalmers Park to be found in the OPR is for a christening in 1788 at Dailly, Ayrshire. Need to see the actual reference. The age difference between James CP and Elizabeth Pettigrew was 22 years. Apart from the records of his parentage of the Children of Elizabeth Pettigrew (1810), it has not been possible to trace further records of James Chalmers Park as regards marriage or death. James would have been about 48 at the time of the birth of their last child. The parents were Hugh Gavin Park and Elizabeth Chalmers (or Chambers) married at Dailly on the 09 JUL 1787 (the year before the birth of James). James had a brother named Robert Park christened at Dailly on the 28 October 1789.

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