George and Louisa DAW

Edward and Sarah DAW

Parents of:

George DAW

b. 1818 - d. (?)

marriage 1843


b. 1821 - d. (?)

Delilah DAW

b. 1844 - d. 1914


Eli and Delilah SHEEN
Eliza DAW

b. (?) - d. (?)

Edwin DAW

b. (?) - d. (?)

Hannah F. DAW

b. (?) - d. (?)

Biographical notes

The only references for this family are the BMD marriage entry, and the 1851 Census. Apart from Delilah Daw, none of the Census entries for the remaining children seem to correspond with the BMD entries. The birth of Delilah, their first child, is registered in the BMD indexes in 1844 at Wheatenhurst which corresponds to the Census data which has Frampton on Severn as the place of birth. However, the birth of Eliza in 1845, their second child, is recorded as having been in Chalford (the birthplace of her mother, Louisa). This should be registered in the BMD indexes under Stroud, but there does not seem to be a corresponding entry. Edwin and Hannah F. Daw were apparently born in Bristol but again, no corresponding matches in the BMD registers can be found. Apart from Delilah Daw, no UK records of the other members of the family have been traced after the 1851 Census and it is possible that the family emigrated.

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