George DAW

Born:- 1818, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire Died:- ?

Child of: Edward and Sarah DAW

Marriage: George and Louisa DAW

Biographical notes

Birth data from LDS website.

The baptismal registers for Frampton (transcibed on the LDS website) apparently record the christening of George on the 10 May 1818. His parents are recorded as Edward Daw and Sarah. This would seem to agree with an entry in the 1841 Census where he is living in Saul (close to Frampton) with Sarah Daw aged 75 (inferred to be his mother), and Edward Daw aged 25 (inferred to be his brother) with the occupation of Mariner. George's age is given as 20 and although no occupation is given it seems that he was to have the same occupation as his brother as in the 1851 Census his occupation is given as Sailor. The LDS baptismal record for George's brother Edward is particularly useful as unusually both parents are given; Edwd Daw/Sarah Stephens.

An un-sourced family tree record on the Ancestry website gives his parents as Edward Daw (1781) and Sarah Stephens (1786).

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