Elizabeth WILLIAMS (Daw)

Born:- 1789, Trull, Somerset Died:- 19th February 1862, Pitminster, Somerset

Child of:

Marriage: James and Elizabeth DAW

Biographical notes

Age given as 45 in the 1841 Census and probably, more accurately, 72 in the 1861 Census. Marriage probably written in the Trull Register at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/SOM/Trull/MarTru_Cr.html as: Dare, James, Elizabeth Williams 10 Jul 1814 otp/otp. Probable mis-spelling or transcription error of Dare instead of Daw?

Entry in 1851 Census not located.

In the 1861 Census living on own. Entry gives following details: Address Eastbrook Daw Betty Head-Widow - F 72 (born) Somerset - Pitminster

Death probably recorded in Trull Burial register. Transcription at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/SOM/Trull/BurTru_D.html has entry: Dare, Elizabeth, 23 Feb 1862, age 75 Pitminster. This corresponds with entry in BMD registers for death of Elizabeth Dawe (Taunton). The death certificate records the death of Elizabeth Dawe, aged 75, on the nineteenth February 1862. Widow of James Dawe Mason Journeyman. Death registered on 23 Feb 1862 (which corresponds with the date in the Trull Burial Register).

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