James and Elizabeth DAW

Jonas and Sarah DAW

Parents of:

James DAW

b. 1790 - d. 1842

marriage 10th July 1814

Elizabeth WILLIAMS

b. 1789 - d. 1862

Sarah DAW

b. 1814 - d. 1866


James and Sarah GANNICOTT
Hannah DAW

b. 1816 - d. 1887


John and Hannah CALLICOTT


George DAW

b. 1817 - d. 1872


George and Elizabeth DAW
David DAW

b. 1819 - d. 1875


David and Caroline DAW
William DAW

b. 1821 - d. 1896


William and Elizabeth DAW
James DAW

b. 1822 - d. 1850

Elizabeth DAW

b. 1823 - d. (?)

Charlotte DAW

b. 1825 - d. 1825

Isaac DAW

b. 1826 - d. 1913


Isaac and Jane Davswell DAW


Isaac and Sarah Ann DAW


Isaac and Hannah DAW
Daniel DAW

b. 1828 - d. 1887


Daniel and Caroline DAW
Jonas DAW

b. 1829 - d. 1902


Jonas and Jane DAW
Charlotte DAW

b. 1831 - d. (?)

Maria DAW

b. 1832 - d. (?)

Biographical notes

Marriage details on genuki website 'Trull Marriage Banns 1755-1817' at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/SOM/Trull/TruBan_A.html (2008) where transcripts have an entry: Daws James Elizabeth Williams 12 Jun 1814 otp/otp (both of this parish). Second entry in the marriage register at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/SOM/Trull/MarTru_Cr.html has the entry: Dare, James, Elizabeth Williams 10 Jul 1814 otp/otp. Probable mis-spelling or transcription error of Dare instead of Daw?

Family listed in the 1841 Census (indexed under Daus on the Ancestry Website), living at Pitminster. James Daw (45) Mason, born in Somerset, Elizabeth Daw (45), born in Somerset, William Daw (20) born in Somerset, James Daw (15), Shoe Ap., born in Somerset, Isaac Daw (12) born in Somerset, Charlotte Daw (10) born in Somerset, Maria Daw (8), Eli Daw (5) born in Somerset, Matilda Daw (4) born in Somerset, Charles Daw (2) born in Somerset. Other evidence suggests that Matilda Daw was the illegitimate daughter of Hannah Daw. There is also some doubt about the parentage of Charles Daw.

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