Agnes McLelland ALLAN (Pettigrew)

Born:- 19th April 1833, Ayr, Ayr, Ayrshire Died:- 16th December 1905, St Fagans, Glamorgan

Child of: Wallace and Mary ALLAN

Marriage: Andrew and Agnes McLelland PETTIGREW

Picture of Agnes McLelland ALLAN

Agnes McLelland Pettigrew (Allan), 1902

Biographical notes

The Ayr Parish Register records the birth of Agnes on the 19th April 1833, daughter of Wallace Allan (Shoemaker) and his wife Mary (Logie). She is recorded in the 1841 Census returns as living at her parents home in Cross Street, Wallacetown, a suburb of Ayr. In the 1851 Census she is still at the same address with her Father, but her Mother, Mary, is not recorded and had died.

By the time of the 1861 Cenus (7/8 April, 1861), Agnes is acting as housekeeper to her brother Hugh Logie Allan at 49, Allison Street in the Parish of Newton, Ayr (this street still exists). It is interesting to note that on the same date, Andrew Pettigrew, her husband to be, was lodging in Mitcham Road, Tooting, whilst employed as a Gardener at Rollinsons Nursery. Just 7 months later, Agnes would travel to Tooting to marry Andrew.

Thereafter the couple moved to Langley, Buckinghamshire, whilst Andrew was employed at Ritchings Park. It was here that their first two children were born; Mary Logie Pettigrew (1863) and Elizabeth Kennedy Pettigrew (1865). 1867 saw a return to Scotland and Agnes gave birth to two sons William Wallace (1867), and Hugh Allan (1871), in the Gardener's Cottage in the grounds of Dumfries House.

The next move to the Castle Gardens (2, North Road), Cardiff took place in 1871 and it was here that the last two children, Andrew Alexander (1875) and Agnes (1878) were born. After the death of Andrew in 1903, Agnes moved to the Gardener's Cottage in the grounds of St. Fagans Castle, to be looked after by her son Hugh Allan Pettigrew. This is where she died in December 1905, and was buried next to Andrew in Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff.

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