Agnes HUMPHRY (Logie)

Born:- 27th August 1771, Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland Died:- ?

Child of: George and Margaret HUMPHRY

Marriage: Hugh and Agnes LOGIE

Marriage: Robert and Agnes ALLAN

Biographical notes

Birth details are very tentative as there are three records of the birth of Agnes Humphry from Tarbolton Parish (which is located adjacent to and East of the parish of St Quivox, where she married Hugh Logie in 1792).

The OPR Records for Tarbolton give the birth details of 13 children to a George Humphrey over a time interval of 20 years (1755 to 1775). Unfortunately, for all these records, only the father's name is given. Some of the dates overlap, indicating that these records include several parents with the name of George Humphrey in the Tarbolton Parish. No marriage records from the Tarbolton Parish for this period seem to have survived, so no clues to the identity of George's wife from that source.

For Agnes there are three possible dates of birth (2.5.1763, 27.5.1764 or 27.8.1771). Bearing in mind that Agnes Married Hugh Logie in 1792 and then married again in about 1802, and bore her last child in 1815, the last entry of 1771 would appear to be the most likely entry for her birth which would mean that she was aged 21 when first married and aged 44 when her last child was born.

Fortuitously, Agnes's mother's identity can be deduced from a younger sibling; Jean Humphrey (25.4.1772 - 5.12.1856). She appears in the 1851 Census and died in 1856 (in Symington), aged 84. On her statutory death certificate, her father's name is given as George Humphry and the maiden name of her mother given as Margaret McSkimming.

The only other records relating to Agnes are the parish record entries for her marriage to Hugh Logie and the records of the births and deaths of her children.

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