George and Margaret HUMPHRY


b. (?) - d. (?)



b. (?) - d. (?)


b. 1771 - d. (?)


Hugh and Agnes LOGIE


Robert and Agnes ALLAN

b. 1772 - d. 1856


b. 1775 - d. (?)

Biographical notes

The information relating to this family is very difficult to interpret and is based on sparse data in the the Tarbolton Parish birth registers and a single child who lived until 1856 and whose death certificate has the name of both parents.

The OPR Records for Tarbolton give the birth details of 13 children to a George Humphrey over a time interval of 20 years (1755 to 1775). Unfortunately, for all these records, only the father's name is given. Some of the dates overlap, indicating that these records probably include several parents with the name of George Humphrey in the Tarbolton Parish. No marriage records from the Tarbolton Parish for this period seem to have survived.

Details of the children in order of birth are Janet Humphry (9.11.1755), William Humphry (2.11.1759), Jean Humphry (28.6.1761), Margaret Humphry (7.6.1761), Agnes Humphry (2.5.1763), Agnes Humphry (27.5.1764), James Humphrey (12.5.1765), Isabel Humphry (9.1.1768), Mary Humphry (26.6.1768), James Humphrey (18.6.1770), Agnes Humphry (27.8.1771), Jean Humphry (25.4.1772) and William Humphry (15.1.1775).

Fortunately, one of these children, Jean Humphrey (born 25.4.1772), listed above is recorded in the 1851 Census living in Symington Village, Ayrshire with her daughter (Jean Rosie). Details for Jean are: Head, unmarried, F, aged 78, Pauper, born Ayrshire - Tarbolton, Disability: Blind.

A check of the Statutory Registers showed that Jean died a few years later in 1856 (at Symington) aged 84 - an age which matches her 1772 date of birth in the Tarbolton Parish register perfectly. Her parents are listed as George Humphry (Farmer), and Margaret Humphry, maiden name McSkimming.

Margaret and George probably had a much larger family but because of the duplication of names, only Jean and one older and one younger sibling are shown on the family tree.

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