Sarah JOHNSTON (Pettigrew)

Born:- 14th May 1812, Ayr, Ayrshire Died:- 7th May 1879, Newton on Ayr, Ayrshire

Child of: Alexander and Ann JOHNSTON

Marriage: Archibald and Sarah PETTIGREW

Picture of Sarah JOHNSTON

Biographical notes

Sarah Pettigrew, married to Archibald Pettigrew, Carpet Weaver, died aged 67 yrs at Bellslyhill, Newton, Ayr, of Rheumatism on 7th May 1879. Dtr of Hugh Johnston, Labourer, dec, and Ann Johnston, ms Johnston, dec. Informant: Archibald Pettigrew, Widower. Name of Hugh for her father is at variance with the OPR which gives name as Alexander. Similar variance with her brother Hugh where the OPR gives the parents as Hugh and Ann Johnston but the death certificate gives the parents as Alexander and Ann Johnston. This may indicate that there was a Hugh Johnstone married to Ann Johnstone as well as a Hugh Johnstone married to an Ann Johnston, both living in Ayr.

Scotlands People gives the christening date. Birth date from LDS website. Another birth date, 09/04/1812, is listed on the Scotlands People website of the same parents and child but listed from the Newton on Ayr Register. This is also listed on the LDS website.

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