Archibald and Sarah PETTIGREW

John and Elizabeth PETTIGREW

Parents of:

Alexander and Ann JOHNSTON

Parents of:


b. 1816 - d. 1883

marriage 22nd December 1839


b. 1812 - d. 1879

Biographical notes

Archibald was one of five of the children of Elizabeth Downie and John Pettigrew who married and, in the Census of 1841, the resulting families are all living in Content Street, Wallacetown. Archibald married Sarah Johnston in 1839 and the 1841 Census sees them living with his mother and brother Alexander with his wife Mary at their home in Content Street. The 1851 Census shows them living independently in Content Street with Sarah's mother Ann (a widow), and another Sarah Johnston aged 4 (Archibald's niece). Archibald is a Carpet weaver.

The 1861 Census shows them living at 14 Content Street, Archibald aged 44 and Sarah 46, together with a lodger, Hugh Johnston aged 13 (born in Hamilton, Lanarkshire), who was Sarah's nephew.

They are together in the 1871 Census (living at 33 Fort Street, Ayr), but Sarah died in 1879 and Archibald is shown as a Widower in the 1881 Census. He died in 1883.

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