Born:- 25th April 1772, Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland Died:- 5th December 1856, Symington, Ayrshire

Child of: George and Margaret HUMPHRY


Biographical notes

Jean appears to be the only child of George Humphry and Margaret McSkimming to have lived long enough for her death to be recorded in the statutory registration system which was not introduced in Scotland until 1855. The entry for Jean includes the maiden name of her mother which was not given in the Tarbolton OPR's for her birth. This information is therefore also relevant for her sister Agnes Humphry where likewise her mother's name was unrecorded in the OPR's.

Although her recorded marital status is single on her death certificate, the informant was her son, James Aitken. There is a record in the Symington OPR (Scotland's People Website) of a James Aitken born in 1814 to James Aitken and Jane Humphrey.

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