Born:- 1849, Taunton, Somerset Died:- 1897, Isle of Wight, Hampshire

Child of: James and Sarah GANNICOTT


Biographical notes

Sarah is listed in the 1891 Census living on the Isle of Wight at Totland, at Weston Road; Sarah A. Gannicott, Head, S, 42, Confectioner, Somersetshire Taunton. She is living with her Niece Ellen Gannicott (s, 29, Confectioner, Somersetshire Taunton), and her Nephew Albert Gannicott, 11, Somersetshire Taunton.

Her death was registered in the Isle of Wight in 1897 with a recorded age of 48 which matches with that of the preceding Census and her birth date.

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