William HILL

Born:- 1747, Over Stowey, Somerset Died:- 4th February 1838, Spaxton, Somerset

Child of: Simon and Mary HILL

Marriage: William and Sarah HILL

Biographical notes

Information about William comes from the marriage certificate of his son Isaac which states that his occupation was that of Mason, and that by 1842 (date of marriage of Isaac to Anne Evans), William was deceased. Other evidence comes from the Spaxton Parish registers (available on-line) which record his marriage to Sarah Palmer; William Hill [of the Parish of] Over Stowey [married] Sarah Palmer [of the Parish of Spaxton] on the 11th March 1802.

Entries from the Spaxton Baptism records chronicle the christening of their children. For example; Isaac Hill [child of] William/Sarah [born] Spaxton [christened] 30 July 1809. This date correponds to the birth date and place given for Isaac in the first and subsequent Census returns from 1841 onwards. The later entries record the occupation of the father; Elizabeth Hill [daughter of] William/Sarah [born] Spaxton [father's occupation] Mason [christened] 18 March 1814.

The death of William is also apparently recorded in the Spaxton Registers; William Hill [living in] Spaxton [died] 4 February 1838 [aged] 88.This event is also recorded in the Bridgwater BMD registers (Bridgwater includes Spaxton). The BMD entry has not been examined but hopefully may give confirmation of occupation and wife's name. The age of 88 suggests a birth date of 1750 which would suggest a marriage age of 52 which is unlikely. Possible entries for his christening in the Over Stowey registers are; William Hill [christened] 23 July 1747 [parents] Simon/Mary; William Hill [christened] 10 Feb 1765 [parents] Thomas/Mary; William Hill [christened] 16 Sept 1785 [parents] Aaron/Mary (this latter would mean that the marriage to Sarah Palmer would have been when he was aged 17). Research by Sue Hill (communicated November 2009) indicates that the christening date of 1847 is correct and that his parents were Simon Hill and Mary Shorney. His date of death given by Sue is 29 January 1838 which is in conflict with the on-line transcrips of the Spaxton registers - needs verifying as to which is correct date.

According to Sue Hill, William's Parents were Simon Hill (1724-1786) and Mary shorney (-7 February 1795)

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