Born:- 1778, Spaxton, Somerset Died:- ?

Child of: Nathaniel and Grace PALMER

Marriage: William and Sarah HILL

Biographical notes

Information about Sarah comes from the entry in the Spaxton marriage registers about her marriage to William Hill in 1802. The Parish entries for the birth of her children only give her first name as the mother - as was commonly the practise at this time. The date of her marriage in 1802 and the fact that she had her last child in 1822 would suggest that she was about 21 at the time of her marriage and aged about 40 in 1821 when the christening of her last child is recorded. This inferred age is confirmed in the 1841 Census.

She is listed in the 1841 Census, living with her presumed son Andrew and his wife in Spaxton; Sarah Hill, 60, y [born in Somerset]

She is not listed in the 1851 Census but her death has not been traced in the BMD registers for Bridgwater (which includes Spaxton) in the interval 1841-1851. The nearest entry geographically would be 1848, January-March Taunton Vol 10 page 375. Needs checking. No entry in the Spaxton parish registers which do include entries for the death of Sarah's children (Ann Hill d. 1830, Charles Hill d. 1814 and Andrew Hill d. 1849). This suggests that Sarah may have moved from Spaxton after the 1841 Census. However, there may also have been a transcription error and a possible entry is; Sarah Hull Bridgwater 1844 January-March Volume 10 Page 275.

According to Suesan Hill (document sent 30 Oct 2009), Sarah Palmer died on the 20 April 1854. The nearest entry in the BMD registers is Sarah Hill 1854 (January-March), Bridgwater Vol 5c Page 305. This needs checking.

The Christening of a Sarah Palmer is recorded in the Spaxton parish registers on the 16 August 1778 to parents Nathaniel and Grace but there is no other direct evidence to suggest that these might have been Sarah's parents. The marriage of Grace Ingram and Nathaniel Palmer is recorded in the Somerset Registers of Marriage; Marriages at Broomfield, 1630 to 1812, Volume 2. Nathaniel Palmer, blacksmith, Spaxton, & Grace Ingram 02 May 1771. Death of a Grace Palmer is recorded in the Spaxton burial Records; Grace Palmer [living at] Spaxton [died aged] 76 on the 31 May 1818 (indicating a birth year of about 1752). Death of a Nathaniel Palmer recorded in the Spaxton burial Records; Nathaniel Palmer [living at] Spaxton [died aged] 73 [on the] 10 October 1819 (suggesting a birth date of 1746).

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