Andrew Alexander PETTIGREW

Born:- 15th April 1875, Cardiff, Glamorgan Died:- 19th July 1936, Cardiff, Glamorgan

Child of: Andrew and Agnes McLelland PETTIGREW

Picture of Andrew Alexander PETTIGREW

Andrew Alexander Pettigrew (about 1900)

Biographical notes

Andrew Alexander was probably named after his father (Andrew), and his father's brother (Alexander). He was the last of the sons of Andrew and Agnes McLelland Pettigrew, born in 1875 at the family home in North Road, Cardiff. He followed his two brothers (William and Hugh) in an apprenticeship with his father in the gardens of Cardiff Castle. His health was somewhat delicate and before studying at Kew he fell ill and afterwards was sent on a ten month world cruise to aid his recovery. He kept a journal of this voyage which is still amongst the surviving family archives.

In 1900 he took his brother Hugh's place at Hewell Grange, Tardebigge. The 1901 Census shows him living at Hewell Gardens as head Gardener with his brother Hugh visiting together with a journalist/author called Harry Thomas.

In 1915 he took over from his brother W.W. Pettigrew as Cardiff's Chief of Parks. He remained in this post living at Roath Park House with his sister Mary, until his early death in 1936.

Andrew Alexander never married and his 'old fashioned' attitude to women was often the cause of teasing by his older brothers. He was a meticulous archivist and it is thanks to his efforts that so many of the early family letters and photographs have survived.

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