Born:- 24th June 1816, St. Quivox, Ayr, Ayrshire Died:- 27th March 1883, Ayr, Ayrshire

Child of: John and Elizabeth PETTIGREW

Marriage: Archibald and Sarah PETTIGREW

Occupation(s):- Hand Loom weaver, (1841). Carpet Weaver, (1851).

Biographical notes

The St Quivox Registers record Archibald's birth to John and Elizabeth Pettigrew. The Registers also record his marriage to Sarah Johnston in 1839. He appears with his wife in the 1841 Census as a Hand Loom Weaver living with his wife with his mother (Elizabeth) and his brother Alexander (with his wife Mary), in Content Street. The 1851 Census shows him and his wife occupying their own house in Content Street, with his Mother in Law and niece (who may have been orphaned). Sarah died in 1879 and Archibald's death is recorded in 1883 at an address in Ayr.

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